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Winter Vegie Growing Guide Part 2

Lots of vegies love the cold weather so there’s no reason why you can’t continue producing your own healthy food from your winter garden.


Step 1: Start your seeds in starter pots or trays, and allow seedlings to grow to about 7cm tall before transplanting.
Step 2: While the seedlings are germinating, prepare the planting area well by digging in some Yates Dynamic Lifter PLUS Vegie Food. Add a little Yates Garden Lime if soil is acidic.
Step 3: Once the seedlings have emerged, start feeding immediately with Thrive Vegie and Herb Liquid Plant Food.
Step 4: When transplanting them into your prepared garden bed, ensure seedlings are well spaced – at least 30 to 40cm apart.
Step 4: Once transplanted, feed every 2 weeks with Thrive Naturals Vegie and Herb Liquid Plant Food to ensure strong root development and a fruitful crop.

Growing Tips


Step 1: Mix complete fertiliser – Yates Blood & Bone, Dynamic Lifter or Thrive Granular – into the soil before sowing, but don’t let the plant food come into direct contact with the seeds.
Step 2: Unless you know your soil already has a high pH, add some Yates Garden Lime or Dolomite before sowing.
Step 3: Sow seeds into damp soil (approx. 25mm deep) and don’t water again for a couple of days.
Step 4: Be careful not to overwater. Both seeds and plants will rot away if they’re too wet.

Growing Tips


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