How to grow Round Carrots


Yates flavour-filled Carrot Parisian Round, are golf ball-sized carrots that are ideal for growing in pots or shallow soils.

If you’ve ever grown carrots that end up with twisted or forked roots, then this French heirloom favourite will be your answer. Carrots grown in hard, rocky or clay soil can often develop multiple, contorted roots that become great talking points but are difficult to use in the kitchen.

Parisian Round carrots have no need for deep soil as their little balls only grow to 3 to 5cm across. Of course, good drainage is important so, if soil stays wet for long periods, grow the carrots in pots filled with good quality potting mix. Pots are also a good choice for cold areas where the in-ground soil temperature might be too low for successful germination.

Add some Dynamic Lifter or Yates Blood & Bone to the soil before you start. Sow carrot seeds right where you want the plants to grow, as they’re difficult to transplant successfully. Mixing the seed with a quantity of sand will help spread the fine seeds and reduce the amount of thinning (removal of excess plants) you‘ll have to do further down the track. Some gardeners sow radish seed with the carrots. The radishes germinate and grow quickly and, when they’re harvested, make room for the slower carrots.

Kids particularly love Parisian Round carrots because they’re quick growing and have a sweet flavour, especially if they’re harvested when fairly young. Make successive sowings every month and you can be picking tender, round carrots almost all year round.



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