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Green Vegetable Bug

Nezara viridula

What are Green Vegetable Bugs?

The green vegetable bug is bright green in colour and about 1.5 cm long in adulthood, but more rounded and black and white or black and red in younger stages. It attacks beans, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, vine crops, grapes, sunflowers and other ornamentals and is mostly active in hot weather. The green vegetable bug sucks the sap of stalks and leaves and the juices from fruit. Like the bronze-orange bug, if disturbed, the green vegetable bug will emit an unpleasant chemical which has a strong odour and can stain fingers and clothes.

What are the symptoms?

Wilting shoots from sap loss. Fruit distortion and shriveling or for tomatoes, hard corky growth.

How to remove these bugs

There is no registered product on the market that can treat these bugs. We recommend trying to hose them off your plant or vaccum them up.

You may also have Bronze Orange Bugs. Take a look at the photos to help identify.