How to

Create a Valentine's Day Gift

Stuck for ideas to impress your Valentine? The Victorians would have had no problems in deciding what to present to their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. They used mixtures of carefully- chosen flowers and herbs, known as ‘tussie- mussies’, to convey special messages. These messages could be de-coded using one of the many floral dictionaries that were available at the time.

Why not follow this lovely Victorian tradition by putting together a tussie-mussie for your Valentine or, better still, planting a tussie mussie garden that can be enjoyed for much of the year. Here are the meanings of some of the most suitable flowers and herbs that can be grown from Yates seeds:

Tussie mussies are very easy to make. Pick your flowers and herbs and keep them in water until you’re ready. Cut a cross-shaped slit in the centre of a paper doily. Arrange the flowers together, starting with an outer layer of leaves and finishing with a dramatic central flower such as a rose bud. Trim the stems to the same length and wrap the base with some foil or plastic.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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