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04:41PM, 29 Oct 2009
Answer: Dear Michael, The weed you have in your fescue ...
Category: Weeds
04:41PM, 29 Oct 2009
weeds under trees

i have weeds under trees that are low to the ground and i want to know how to get rid of them

Submitted: 08:48AM, 31 Oct 2009
Answer: weeds under trees could be mulched over to a depth of 5-10cm to smother them. Alternatively spray with a non-selective Zero spray after removing seed heads carefully if possible. make sure any spray does not touch the tree or any freshly exposed or injured roots. A zero weedbrush will eliminate the risk of spray drift and allow you to apply to tricky spots safely.
Category: Weeds
Tags: weeds
Answered: 07:11AM, 17 Nov 2009


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