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how do i kill oyster plants which are taking over my garden

i have tried every poison known to man , i have been told that petrol is the only thing ? or blackberry poison ?

Submitted: 07:02PM, 30 Nov 2010
Answer: Dear Di,

Acanthus can become a real pest in the garden as its seeds spread like wild fire and you end up with this plant all over your garden.

Even if you were to dig out the plants, you have to be so precise because if you break off a piece of the root, it will only shoot again.

You could remove as much as you can of the plant, making sure you have gloves on as you will encounter spines down the stems which can be quite nasty. After removing the majority of the plant, wait for it to shoot again and spray the new seedlings with Zero Glyphosate Weedspray. You will probably have to do this on a number of occasions before you are totally successful.

Good luck.

Answered: 01:31PM, 31 Dec 2010


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