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How do I get oxalis out of my established lawn? Which product would be best?

Submitted: 01:19PM, 12 Aug 2010
Answer: Dear Karen,

Depending upon the type of lawn you have, Yates do have products that will kill off the oxalis that has invaded your lawn. Oxalis is an extremely persistent weed and it may take a number of years to eradicate it completely.

If you have a buffalo lawn, the product to use is called Lush Bindii & Broadleaf Weeder (concentrate) and Buffalo Pro (hose-on product) These product can also be used on other lawn varieties such as couch, kikuyu, bent, fescue paspalum and ryegrass lawns.

The Yates product Bindii & Clover Weeder will also control oxalis is an established lawn. It is not suitable if you have a buffalo, lippia, dichondra, strawberry clover, other non-grass lawn and Durban grass. This product will control a variety of other broadleaf weeds in a lawn other than the lawns mentioned above.

You can apply these products now and re-apply in autumn to get this weed under control. As I mentioned previously, it can be difficult to kill off this weed with just the one application. Each year in spring and autumn apply the herbicides mentioned until you can no longer see this persistent weed invading your lawn area.

Answered: 10:00AM, 13 Aug 2010


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