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Is it safe for young children to play on areas sprayed with herbicides after it has dried out

I am planning to spray our backyard area with the MCPA/dicamba product as it is heavily infested with soursobs and various other weeds. We have young boys who like to pull out the soursobs and sometimes put them in their mouths. would it be dangerous for them to do this even after the herbicide has fully dried out, or should i wait a certain period before letting them touch the weeds.

I am also planning to spray glyphosate in other areas (where the children spend less time) -are there any risks with this product?

Submitted: 11:30AM, 21 Jun 2010
Answer: Dear Kym,
When spraying pesticides and herbicides you need to keep children and pets away from the area when spraying and don’t allow them to return to the area until the spray has completely dried on the surface of the area sprayed.

Soursob is extremely difficult to kill. The Bindii & Clover weeder that contains Dicamba & MCPA is not registered to control soursob. You could try using Zero Glyphosate Weedspray directly onto the weed itself, avoiding direct contact with the surrounding grass. You will need several applications of his product over a number of years before results are seen.

We would suggest that you encourage your children not to play with the soursobs that have been sprayed with a herbicide.

The same precautions should be taken when using Glyphosate around children. They should not return to the area until the spray has completely dried.

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Answered: 09:39AM, 28 Jun 2010


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