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Answer: Hi Liz Dahlias are a great plant to have in the garden. Once they have finished flowering just cut off the flowers and let the plant do its thing u...
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Answered: 01:58PM, 21 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Kates Thank you for contacting Yates, it really depends on the type of veggies you are going to grow, bulb food would be more suitable for root ...
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Answered: 05:15PM, 23 Oct 2016
Answer: Hi Robert, Thank you for contacting Yates. The plant in the picture is Haemanthus coccineus, an autumn bulb. You may read more from the following l...
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Answered: 08:25AM, 03 Mar 2017
Answer: Hi Felix, Thank you for contacting Yates. It’s common to see some yellow leaves and leaf fall during flowering for Poinsettia this time of th...
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Answered: 09:35AM, 18 Aug 2017
Answer: ´╗┐Thank you for contacting Yates. Sounds like rust a fungal disease. Try Yates Rose Shield Black Spot & Insect Pest Killer. Click here for more ...
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Answered: 05:42PM, 16 Sep 2018
Answer: Hi Bob, Thank you for contacting Yates. You can try to spray the new growth of these bulbs with Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller. Click he...
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Answered: 05:23PM, 17 Dec 2018