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Answer: hi there, most bonsai growers use a slow release fertilizer for balanced nutrition. You will need to contact a bonsai specialist who will be able t...
Category: Fertilising
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Answered: 01:52PM, 26 Feb 2010
Answer: Hi Dina, Thank you for contacting Yates. The plant that has made a surprise appearance in the pot is a weed. It may have been in there for a while ...
Category: Potting Plants
Answered: 03:03PM, 20 Jan 2018
Answer: Hi Liz, Thank you for contacting Yates. Looks like it’s a Ficus Bonsai Tree, please check the following link for a comprehensive guide of how...
Category: Potting Plants
Tags: bonsai, fig
Answered: 02:01PM, 10 Feb 2018