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Answer: It looks like you have an infestation of Redshouldered leaf beetle. This native beetle has a tendency to swarm on one or two trees and leave the ot...
Category: Pests
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Answered: 04:01PM, 02 Apr 2015
Answer: Hi Lenora I think the best thing to do is to spray the tree with Pest Oil as soon as you see the beetles appear. It will also deal with any resulti...
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Answered: 10:50AM, 22 Oct 2015
Answer: Hi Alicia, What would be really helpful would be to have an image of the beetle to aid identification and recommend a control. We have recently had...
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Answered: 07:49PM, 17 Nov 2015
Answer: There are several pests which can skeltonise a fig leaf like this and beetles are a possible culprit. You can treat your fig with some Natures Way ...
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Answered: 12:17PM, 15 Feb 2016
Answer: Hi Fahad, Thank you for contacting Yates. The bug that is in the photo resembles that of the flea beetle. This beetle can attack vegetable plants i...
Answered: 04:49PM, 19 Dec 2017
Answer: Hi Dave, Thank you for contacting Yates. Sounds like the lawn is infested by beetles, the adult and larvae can live in the soil and feed on the roo...
Category: Lawns
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Answered: 11:44AM, 11 Jan 2018
Answer: Hi Gav, Thank you for contacting Yates. The pest from the picture is not clear enough to make an accurate identification, however, you could check ...
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Answered: 11:44AM, 05 Apr 2018