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Answer: Hi Glenda, Pawpaws are particularly susceptible to black spot during the cooler months of the year. Spraying with a copper based fungicide (Yates ...
Answered: 03:39PM, 12 Jun 2012
Answer: Pawpaw plants can be male, female or hermaphroditic. If you have a male or female plant then your plant may not have been pollinated so the plant d...
Answered: 02:19PM, 10 Apr 2015
Than Htet
Answer: Hi Than, Thank you for contacting Yates. Distorted new growth could indicate mites infestation, try Yates Natures Way Vegie & Herb Spray. It&#...
Category: Diseases
Tags: Pawpaw, leaf curl
Answered: 10:45AM, 13 Nov 2018
Answer: Hi Bernie, Thank you for contacting Yates. It’s hard for us to determine exactly what has gone wrong with your plant. Can you please provide ...
Category: Diseases
Tags: Pawpaw
Answered: 10:45AM, 09 May 2019