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What will make crotons leaves brighter in Nth Q'ld

I have been told that Sulphate of Potash will brighten croton leaves. How often should it be applied?

Submitted: 07:43PM, 02 Sep 2010
Answer: Dear Marilyn,

Potassium promotes chlorophyll production and plays an important part in the strength of cells and the movement of water in plants. It also helps plants resist disease and improves the quality of flowers, fruits and seeds. Plants deficient in potassium have weak stems. Their leaves, especially the older ones, may be floppy, with yellow or brown tips or scorched margins.

You can apply a solution of Sulphate of Potash once a month during the growing season and I am sure your crotons will really appreciate it.

Answered: 04:10PM, 13 Sep 2010


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