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How do Aquasol fertilizers enhance growth? Please explain scientifically

Submitted: 07:18PM, 14 Sep 2014
Answer: Plants, like all organisms, need nutrients to survive. Aquasol is s aoluble fertiliser which provides a large range of macronutrients (those required in large quantities, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and micronutrients (those required in smaller quantities such as copper, iron and manganese).

Plants absorb these nutrients through their roots and, to a lesser degree, through their foliage and then distribute them throughout the plant to where they’re needed. The nutrients, along with the carbohydrates synthesised by plants during photosynthesis, are key building blocks for cell and tissue growth.

Nutrients must be in a form useable by the plants and in concentrations that permit optimum plant growth. The concentrations of the various soluble soil nutrients must be properly balanced. The pH of a soil or growing medium also plays a crucial role in determining the availability of nutrients to plant roots.

Plants which lack key nutrients will often display very characteristioc stmptoms such as leaf yellowing or stunting. Plants without any nutrients typically show very little growth and rarely develop properly. In other words, plants – just like you and I – cannot fulfil their genetic potential without adequate nutrition.

For some more detailed information on the importance of nutrients to plants you may wish to conduct a search online using terms such as ‘plant nutrition’ and ‘fertiliser’. Best of luck!

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