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We have a Bush Cherry lilly pilly in a tub

We have a Bush Cherry lilly pilly in a tub. The plant is now about 2.3 mtres and a vigorous grower. It has been potted up twice but now the soil level appears to be lifting up and out of the pot, about 2 cm - we assume the roots at the base could be pushing the whole soil and roots up? I can re-pot even larger but need a way to keep it under contol. If I severely prune and also cut back the roots, will it discourage the plant from trying to become a huge tree? is there a prodcut that can help ? Thanks

Submitted: 07:49AM, 07 Oct 2012
Answer: Hi Peter,
The bush cherry lilly pilly can be root pruned. When you next pot up, trim the root and place into new potting mix. Trim the upper foliage and then apply some Yates Uplift Plant Starter and Root Booster. This will help the roots repair and help the plant increase the uptake of water and nutrients. Regularly trim and shape the tree to keep it a manageable size. I have attached a link to an article on root pruning written by the Bonsai Association which you may find interesting.

Answered: 11:38AM, 08 Oct 2012


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