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Curl grubs have invaded my pot plants. The plants arent doing well so I'm guessing they're munching on the roots ?? I'ves found over 10 in one very large pot. Apart from repotting which I have tried is there a solution that wont kill bees etc? I've found

Submitted: 08:44PM, 10 Apr 2010
Answer: Dear Vlad,

Curl grubs can be very destructive in pots as they do eat the roots of the plant.

The best way to control these grubs in pots is to hand remove (as you have already done)and replace with fresh potting mix. There is no Yates product registered for controlling these grubs in pots.

You will find that your plants will recover, so to stimulate root growth we would suggest you give regular application of seaweed extract. Applying a fertiliser too will help improve the health of the plant.

Category: Pests
Answered: 03:37PM, 21 Apr 2010


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