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Persistant Psyllid activity on Bottlebrush.

Leaves dimpled, brown and curled at ends.Tried white oil, pyrethrin, confidor. trees 2ys old. no flowers.I have about 15 bottlebrush throughout the garden and all showing dimples.Nothing else in garden showing same symptoms..

Submitted: 05:24PM, 15 Jul 2012
Answer: Hi Janet,
It is a bit puzzling as to what is causing the dimple marks on your bottlebrush. The psyllids that attack lillypillies and leave those raised marks on the new growth are called ‘pimple psyllid’. This type of psyllid damage is usually not seen on bottlebrush foliage. There are other psyllids such as fig psyllid and brown lace lerps but they are quite different in appearance to the ‘pimple psyllid’.

It would be great if you could attach a photo of the damaged leaves so we can give a better diagnosis and then the necessary treatment.

Answered: 04:51PM, 16 Jul 2012


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