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Medium_17042012295_1 A tiny little grub is eating the new fronds on my cycad

this tiny little grub has eaten all the new fronds on the cycad, this is the first time we have seen it, we have had the plant for 3 yrs and never had them before. They haven't eaten the old/matured fronds, only the new shoots. They aren't attacking any other plants. Can you help us identify what kind of bug they came from? how do we control/kill the little buggers.
Also what is the best way to get rid of scale? we can't use white oil as the cycad is in the sun, and it get hot here in QLD.

Submitted: 03:57PM, 17 Apr 2012
Answer: Hi Chris,
The blue butterfly is a serious pest in QLD and it attacks cycads and eats the newly emerging fronds. This pest is treated with Yates Success which is effective against a range of caterpillars. The picture you have attached appears to be the larval form of a weevil or beetle. Have you seen any caterpillars at all in the cycad centre?

Scale can be treated with Yates Natures Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray

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Tags: Cycad
Answered: 04:30PM, 17 Apr 2012


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