I have been trying to make compost with a vertical compost bin. I have used only garden cuttings and layered with lime, manure and potting mix. The bin is now full and I noticed that the top layer of lime/manure/potting mix is full of black grubs about 1.

Submitted: 02:28PM, 05 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Margaret,
Without seeing the particular grub in question it is likely that the manure has attracted insects that have laid their eggs amongst the compost and what you are seeing is the larvae.

Continue to turn over the composting materials within the bin and these grubs will soon become part of the composting process. Ensure that carbon-nitrogen ratio is balanced. Examples of high carbon materials are paper, straw, sawdust and chipped wood products. Examples of high nitrogen are animal manures, grass clippings and green prunings from your garden. Keep the layers of material moist but not too wet.

Category: Pests
Answered: 09:24AM, 12 Mar 2010


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