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I am looking for the catepillar repellent?

Hi, i have got caterpillar attacks on some cabbages plants, and leafy veges plants, herbs, and now even flowers plants such as marigold.

Is there any caterpillar repellent rather than killer?


Submitted: 12:17PM, 01 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Elli,

I don’t know of any caterpillar repellent that is available. If you want to keep the caterpillars under control in your garden, you can do so by introducing plants that attract the birds. They will certainly keep the caterpillar population under control in a natural way. You can also purchase predatory insects that will do the same thing.

Hand removal is another option. It may take up a little of your time so remember to carry a bucket with you when wandering through your garden.

Category: Pests
Answered: 12:55PM, 08 Mar 2010


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