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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Answer: Hi Steven, Unfortunately we do not have an orga...
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01:35PM, 27 Oct 2009
Ask a question now..My Cycad (CYCUS)attacked by small black grubs soon as new frond apear.I spray with malathon/eco oil but they reapear again soon after aplying spray,also eat older leaves if no new growth coming.

Have also used molasses/water mix to soil.Was told this kills eggs in soil but not good for worms.
We are in North Qld area.
Regards Joe.

Submitted: 08:47AM, 10 Feb 2010
Answer: Dear Joe,

The product to use to control this small caterpillar is called Success Naturalyte Insect Control. It is a natural insecticide and works by both contact and ingestion. Although it is not a systemic spray, Success moves through the leaf surface via “translaminar movement” making it resistant to UV light and rain, once the spray has dried. It is effective on a wide range of caterpillars.

When spraying ensure that all foliage, including undersides of leaves is sprayed. The caterpillar will stop feeding immediately but may take up to three days to die. Apply the product in the early morning or late evening. You can repeat the spray at 7-14 day intervals until this pest is under control.

I really haven’t heard whether a mixture of molasses & water added to soil will kill the eggs. You may have to do some further research on this topic.

Answered: 08:54AM, 12 Feb 2010


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