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Oregano in very large pot has huge infestation of aphids and I think sooty mould. Chives in pot -aphids.

Pot (Tuscan) was planted out last spring and was doing well. Moved from an open position end May to under a non-descript (to me!) tree to catch more sun. (Tree: very large waxy thick dark green leaves and small yellow fruit.)
Should I chuck oregano? Will aphids be in soil now? Should I change soil?
I sprayed all in pot and surrounding pots with hort'l oil 7 days ago and moved pot into open.
Other herbs in pot: coriander -dying, parsleys and thyme and two bulbs -growing.

Submitted: 02:23PM, 01 Aug 2011
Answer: Hi Tom,
Oregano can be sprayed with Pest oil to control the aphids. More than one application may be required to control the outbreak. The coriander will need to be removed as it is only an annual plant. If you fertilise as the weather warms up the oregano and parsley should really start to grow. You may like to use some Nature’s Way Multi-Nutrient plant food next month.
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Answered: 03:57PM, 01 Aug 2011


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