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Lilly Pilly eaten. Seen small amts white weblike sticking leaves, green lady beetle like, skinny bug, borer?

Recently leaves begun to be eaten badly. Close inspection saw not large amounts of anything which should cause the vast damage. A few very small (ie <5mm green grubs) some white webby stuff sticking leaves together - again not lots. Have see 2 green beetles like ladybeetles. Have seen one skinny bugs on new growth (there is some!!) Today think i found some borer holes which i have removed some dead wood. Most obvious damage is leaf chewed all around the edges and leaf drop.

Two weeks ago i sprayed with pyrethrum based spray due to the grubs. Last week i sprayed with Dipel.

Submitted: 06:02PM, 26 Jul 2011
Answer: Hi Michelle,

Lilly pillys can be attacked by a range of pests including caterpillars. Dipel and Success will control these. There are also leaf eating beetles however they are rare but can be controlled using Mavrik. Possums can also eat the new growing tips and cause massive damage especially if the lilly pillys are planted along a fence. If you have any photos of the insects please send them as this will help identify if they are a pest or a friend.

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Tags: lilly pilly
Answered: 10:04AM, 27 Jul 2011


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