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we have a small white moth attacking our vibernun which yates product do we use

moth size approx 1 cm in size
the damage its causing to the vibernun is the leaves are turning brown and have lots of tiny spots on them

Submitted: 07:36AM, 01 Feb 2011
Answer: Dear Michael,

I could be the moth that is causing the damage on your Viburnum or it could be another pest that is doing the damage. What will happen is that the moth will lay eggs and the larvae will turn into caterpillars. They will feed on the leaves and chew the foliage. It doesn’t seem that this is what is happening to your Viburnum. If the leaves are turning brown then it could be that you have mites on your plant. Mites can be controlled with a product Nature’s Way Mite & Insect Killer, Natrasoap. Keep your plant healthy by regular applications of Seaweed Extract and fertilise with a slow release fertiliser that will ensure the plant receives all the necessary nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Category: Pests
Tags: on Viburnum, pest
Answered: 04:44PM, 08 Mar 2011


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