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08:49AM, 29 Oct 2009
something is eating holes in my potato leaves, i have used snail pellets also a pyethrum spay for earwigs

potatoes are planted in doncaster and cowes, philip island both have the same problem

Submitted: 11:09PM, 11 Oct 2010
Answer: Dear Lyn,

It is likely it is the larvae of the potato moth or another type of caterpillar that is eating the leaves of your potatoes.

We would suggest a product called Success Naturalyte Insect Control. You will need to spray this product when the caterpillars are first seen and then repeat at 7-14 day intervals. Once the caterpillar has digested the leaf on which the product has been sprayed they will stop eating immediately, but may take up to 3 days to die.

Answered: 03:44PM, 02 Nov 2010


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