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08:13PM, 08 Nov 2009
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08:13PM, 08 Nov 2009
Medium_img_1460 Is this a mealy bug destroyer? (Or is it a mealybug?)

Is this little guy a mealy bug destroyer? It is on a lillpilly and there are a few more of them, but not a huge amount. In the past I have had mealy bugs on this particular shrub.

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Submitted: 05:38PM, 15 May 2019
Answer: Hi Deborah,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

The insect on your lillypilly looks very much like the beneficial insect called the Mealy Bug Destroyer. Mealy bug destroyers are the larvae of a ladybeetle.

The best way to tell the two apart is to flip the insect on to it’s back and look at the mouthparts. Mealy bugs will have a lance-like mouthpart that they use to pierce and suck out plant nutrients. The Mealy Bug Destroyer (beetle larvae) will have chewing mouthparts.

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Hope this helps.

Joyful gardening!
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Answered: 11:23AM, 16 May 2019


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