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05:59PM, 16 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Sigrid, when some soils and potting mixes ge...
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05:59PM, 16 Nov 2009
De Ming
my vegetable seedling been eaten right above the soil. what insects are they and what can I use to kill them?

Submitted: 10:27PM, 02 Sep 2010
Answer: Dear De Ming,

If the seedling have been eaten off at ground level, then it is likely that the damage has been caused by Cutworms.

You can protect your young seedlings from these nasty creatures by placing a plastic cup, with the bottom cut out, over the seedlings and the pushing the cup into the soil to surround the young seedlings. The cutworm will not now have access to the plant. You can buy these plastic drinking cups very cheaply from your supermarket.

Once the seedlings have matured, they will no longer be under attack from cutworms and you can remove the cups.

There are various caterpillars that will eat the foliage of young seedlings. You can use products such as Success Naturalyte or Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer, Dipel to protect your young seedlings.

Happy gardening

Answered: 04:45PM, 10 Sep 2010


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