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Medium_20160328_125634 I have little cone shaped cocoons, about 3mm in size all over my Banksia bush. Also moving to other natives

Inside each cocoon is a grub. The cocoons get bigger overtime using bits of leaves from the tree to build. I have tried spraying with pyrethrum and have buried some confidor and have picked off what I can. It is quite a big tree. They are using the green part of the leaf to either make the cocoon or to eat so the tree is looking like it is almost dead in some part. They are moving onto my waratah now and I'm worried they will move to other natives as well. Any other suggestions? I don't think sprays can penetrate the cocoon and I can't get to them to spray them or pick them off the tree is too tall. I'm also a bit concerned about what will happen when they hatch.

Submitted: 09:21AM, 24 Apr 2016
Answer: Hello Vicki,

If they are caterpillars and are actively feeding, they should be controllable on your ornamental native plants with Yates Success Ultra Insect Control.

All the very best in controlling them before they do much more damage!

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

Category: Pests
Answered: 05:28PM, 24 Apr 2016


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