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Medium_dsc_1388 Help! New lilly pillys getting diseases and pest!? No green thumb, just a green horn here.

Hi, I only just bought and re-potted 4x young advanced (1.5 metres in height) Acmena Smithii Firescreens on my unsheltered north-facing patio 2 weeks ago. Re-potted into 42 litre pots, using premium native potting mix, watered daily (1.5 litres per pot). Since re-potting, I noticed a few problems starting to manifest on the leaves. Samples of problem leaves attached. Estimated 5-10% of the leaves have the problem at the moment, not sure if it is normal, will it spread to more leaves or not. What do I need to do? On the picture you can see: pimpled young leaf, white scales on mature leaves, webbings on young leaves, brown deposits stuck on mature leaves, young leaves that brown off at the edges, brown patches that develop in the middle of mature leaves and expand quickly eventually killing the leaves.

Submitted: 10:28AM, 13 Feb 2016
Answer: Lilly pilly’s are a great addition to a garden but they are also prone to a few insect problems. It seems like you have a problem with mites and the start of some scale problems. If only a small number of leaves are affected it is a good time to get them under control. You can easily control the mites with some Natures Way Veggie and Herb spray and the scale with some Pest Oil.
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Answered: 12:00PM, 15 Feb 2016


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