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Our dwarf jacobinia has suddenly bee eaten away by something. We have had the shrub for about 25 years and it has been pest free up to now. What could be eating it and what should we do?

Submitted: 04:53PM, 24 Dec 2015
Answer: Hi Frances,

As per your experience, Jacobinias generally suffer very few pest issues. Your plants might have been attacked by caterpillars, as these have been known to eat Jacobinias on occasion. Further investigation may be required to positively identify the culprit. If it is a caterpillar issue, Yates Success Ultra Insect Control is the product you should apply to get them under control.

An application of Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus Flower Food, watered in well, should help the plants along in their recovery.

Thank you for your question and happy gardening!

Kind regards,

Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

Answered: 10:39AM, 29 Dec 2015


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