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Medium_img_0471 White substance developing on plants

Some of my tube stock Russelia and Kangaroo Paw plants (located in the same area whilst others are unaffected) have developed a white, spotty substance that appeared overnight and does not wash off with water. Could you please identify the problem and its solution? Many thanks.

Submitted: 04:27PM, 15 Dec 2015
Answer: Hi there it looks like a problem called scale which are tiny little hard shelled insects. they can be treated by using pest oil but being so young and the weather being hot try and use a seaweed tonic to build up the strength of these plants before you spray…if they were recently planted you need to make sure you don’t stress them even more. Make sure they are in a well drained soil. I hope this helps
Category: Pests
Tags: scale
Answered: 04:35PM, 15 Dec 2015


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