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Medium_eremophila_bugs_april_2015_011 Myoporum and Eremophila covered in white creatures (tiny) but destructive. A treatment, please.

Eco Oil is not effective.
Is Baythyroid a useful product for this?

Submitted: 10:38AM, 18 Apr 2015
Answer: You’ve got a pretty nasty infestation of Cottonycushion Scale. The only product we have which is registured for soft scale is Yates White Oil Insecticide. This product smothers insects and dries them out. As this product does not kill the eggs you will need to reapply it when the crawers hatch.
You might also like to prune the infected areas to try and reduce the population before using the White Oil.
Category: Pests
Answered: 04:23PM, 23 Apr 2015


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