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11:19PM, 14 May 2012
Answer: Hi Alex, From what I have read, I think the pla...
Category: Diseases
11:19PM, 14 May 2012
Spidery web within the foliage of my Mathew Flinders callistemon

The web doesn't seem to be hurting the plant but it looks unsightly, is there anything that can be done or is it just one of those things

Submitted: 11:43AM, 03 Jul 2010
Answer: Dear Tim,

There is a webbing caterpillar that does attack some Callistemons. It would be a good idea to investigate further to see if this caterpillar is present. Success Naturalyte is a product that can be used for controlling caterpillars. It could just be a spider web, in which case if no damage is being done, there is no need to remove it.

Answered: 08:50AM, 09 Jul 2010


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