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Medium_grass_3 Confirming Grass Type for removal


I've got a mixed grass lawn and I'm trying to get my Sir Walter to take over from another unidentified and undesired grass type. Based on the photos attached, can you please help me identify this undesired grass type and advise what, if any practices or Yates products would help me achieve this? In addition, I should point out that this undesirable grass has large underground rhisomes and I'm based in Brisbane. Also, I can provide more photos if desired (i.e. the web form would only let me attach a single photo). Thank you greatly for your time and assistance.

Submitted: 02:30PM, 07 Jan 2018
Answer: Hi Reuben,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

The grass pictured is a form of paspalum grass. It can be very weedy and quick to grow in the lawns. Unfortunately, we don’t have a product in our range that can selectively target this grass in your buffalo lawn.

The best thing to do is to paint on Zero Weedkiller onto the actual weed. can apply it with the Yates Weeding Brush. Please be careful not to get the product onto the lawn as it will kill the grass as well.

Kind regards

Yates Horticulturalist

Category: Lawns
Answered: 01:26PM, 12 Jan 2018


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