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03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Creeping Oxalis is a particularly difficult wee...
Category: Lawns
03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
Medium_fullsizerender Can you please tell me what type of lawn grass I have? I'm seeing three different types of grasses in the pic.

Submitted: 07:08PM, 15 Apr 2016
Answer: Hi Dadi,

Thank you for contacting us regarding regarding your lawn. I can see the major grass type is Kikuyu and there are some grass weeds growing through (Darker green ones possibly winter grass?) Unfortunately we haven’t got any selective herbicide that are registered against grass weeds in lawn. Try Yates Zero Weeding Brush – it helps direct the weedkiller straight onto the plant. Click here for more info:

Hope this helps and happy gardening.

Best Regards,
Yates Horticulturalist

Category: Lawns
Tags: lawn, weed
Answered: 11:15AM, 16 Apr 2016


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