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03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Creeping Oxalis is a particularly difficult wee...
Category: Lawns
03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009

I have a Sir Walter lawn but I am getting lots of weeds especially clover coming through. How can I kill the weeds without damaging the lawn

Submitted: 04:31PM, 05 Dec 2015
Answer: Hi,

You can use our BuffaloPRO Weedkiller Concentrate on your buffalo turf. Ensure you read the label prior to application and measure out the area you are applying it to – applying more than is needed for the area will potentially burn your lawn. Regards, Tammy.

Category: Lawns
Tags: buffalo, clover, weed
Answered: 04:45PM, 05 Dec 2015


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