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03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
Answer: Creeping Oxalis is a particularly difficult wee...
Category: Lawns
03:18PM, 22 Oct 2009
I want to kill as many weeds in my buffalo lawn. Please tell me what to buy.

I have a buffalo lawn and I just want to put some effort in making it like new again.

Submitted: 03:29PM, 17 Sep 2015
Answer: Weeds in a lawn can be an unsightly problem. If you want to remove weeds from you buffalo lawn use yates Buffalo Pro Weed’n’Feed hose on. This product will remove the broad leaf weeds from your lawn while also fertilising your lawn. It is a good time to do it now (September) as removing the weeds will help you lawn out compete and new weeds and the fertiliser will give it a boost for the growing season.
Category: Lawns
Tags: buffalo, lawn, weeds
Answered: 11:01AM, 18 Sep 2015


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