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How do i get rid of nematodes in tomatoes

my tomatoes are dying from the bottom up

Submitted: 04:21PM, 02 Nov 2009
Answer: the problem you have sounds more like a bacterial or fungal problem. Nematodes cause the whole plant to wilt, even when the soil is moist, and you will see nodules present on the roots.

Yates Leaf Curl Copper spray should help slow down the spread of leaf blights and spots. It is normal for some older leaves to curl and drop as the plant grows, but if there are brown or yellow spots or patches then it could be a disease. Rotate your growing area over a 4 year cycle to help avoid this occuring and use a complete plant food such as Dynamic Lifter for Tomatoes with lots of potassium as well as calcium (lime) and seaweed to help strengthen the plants against diseases.

Answered: 08:49AM, 11 Nov 2009


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