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seasol and powerfeed

Is seasol and powerfeed alright for fertilizing tomatoes and cucumbers

Submitted: 01:15PM, 28 Oct 2009
Answer: Dear Janice,

You can use both of these products on your tomatoes and cucumbers.
We could also recommend a couple of Yates products that you might also like to try on your vegetable crops.
Nature’s Way Multi Nutrient Plant Food contains a fortified blend of chicken manure, seaweed extract, fish emulsion and blood & bone. This product will feed through the leaves and roots to promote strong, healthy plants. It is suitable for vegetables, fruit trees, annuals and other flowering plants.
Nature’s Way Seaweed Booster Concentrate encourages healthy flowering, fruiting and root growth as well as improving the plant’s survival during periods of drought, heat and frost.
Regular application of these products will ensure your plants stay healthy and produce lots of delicious vegies for you.

Answered: 11:06AM, 13 Nov 2009


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