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02:04PM, 08 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Ashlie, Baby watermelons usually take abou...
Category: Fruit & Citrus
02:04PM, 08 Mar 2010
10:23AM, 17 Nov 2011
Answer: Hi Wendy, The date of manufacture is usually st...
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10:23AM, 17 Nov 2011
how long dose it take befor you can pick them

Submitted: 03:00PM, 10 Feb 2010
Answer: Brian, we can’t answer that without knowing what specific crop you are referring to – it is different for each crop. All packet seed gives a ‘time to maturity’ on the back of the pack.
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
Tags: vegetables
Answered: 11:21AM, 11 Feb 2010


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