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i want to grow a small herd garden any ideas how to stared thank you

what herds will me best to grow i just want a small garden thank you

Submitted: 12:22PM, 15 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Tina

When growing herbs, you will need to have a place in your garden where the soil has been improved with organic matter, where the soil is well drained and where the plants receive ample sunshine. Some herbs will be happier growing when the weather is milder e.g. Coriander so always check the instructions on the back of the seed packet for the time when best to plant.

Allow ample space between each variety to thrive, and grow herbs together that have the same requirements. Herbs will benefit from regular applications of a liquid fertiliser through the growing season and can be harvested on demand.

Enjoy the experience of growing and harvesting your own selection of herbs.

Answered: 11:05AM, 20 Jan 2010


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