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07:21PM, 02 Jun 2010
Answer: Dear Keith, You would be much better off growin...
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07:21PM, 02 Jun 2010
Is it OK to relocate sprouting broccoli (25cm high) or don't they like being moved?

Submitted: 09:49PM, 17 May 2019
Answer: Hi Claire,

Thank you for contacting Yates.

Flowering and vegetable annuals generally don’t do well with transplanting, especially in the later stages of their maturity.

The reasons being are, as the plant grows it sends out many fine roots to the surrounding soil. If a mature annual is dug up from the soil, most of these fine feeder roots are either disturbed or are broken off during the process of transplanting. To compensate for this, you could lightly prune off some of the foliage in an attempt to balance the the root-to-shoot ratio. However, annuals are very soft-wooded and lack the necessary water storing tissues such as those found in harder-wooded, perennial plants. Annual plants therefore struggle to stay hydrated during transplanting. If a plant becomes very dehydrated, and goes past maximum wilting point, the plant consequently dies.

Your plant is sounding like it is quite mature and as such, we don’t recommend transplanting.

We recommend applying ‘Yates Thrive Natural Vegie & Herb Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food’ as a complete, soil-conditioning fertiliser for more abundant crops with better flavour and healthy plant growth.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Yates Horticulturist

Answered: 01:46PM, 18 May 2019


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