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03:10PM, 10 Dec 2009
Answer: Gerberas thrive in hot, sunny conditions in tro...
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03:10PM, 10 Dec 2009
I have rosemary in a pot, however it has dried up. I thought rosemary was quite hardy and could stand all conditions. I live in Brisbane.

The same thing happened when I lived in Sydney. I water it weekly however it still dried up.

Submitted: 12:43PM, 19 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Sarah, even the most hardy of plants have a dryness limit, especially when growing in small pots and even moreso if they are terracotta or concrete in full sun. You may find that mulching and/or incorporating some coir peat or some water crystals in the potting mix will increase the period between waterings. If in a small pot perhaps a larger pot will also help. If the potting mix has become water-repellent a Yates soil wetting agent will help the rootball to soak up more water when it is available.
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Answered: 01:09PM, 19 Nov 2009


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