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Ask a question now...I purchased a Tibouchina Carolyn from my local nusery and transplanted it to a larger pot. I used an organic soil mix and mulched with ti-tree mulch. Now after just a few weeks, the lower leaves are turning yellow and dropping off. I

Submitted: 06:03AM, 02 May 2010
Answer: Dear Duncan,

It is a shame your Ticouchina is not doing so well. Depending upon the amount of water you have been giving the plant it could be that the mulch is holding in too much water and the roots of the plant have become saturated.

Try removing the mulch and check to see that the pot is draining adequately. Place the pot up on some feet and clear the holes in the bottom of the pot so the water drains freely away.

On the other hand, the potting mix may have dried out. Ensure that the plant is receiving enough water and the roots are not drying out.

You could also check the ph of the potting mix to see if it is acceptable. I would think that wouldn’t be a problem but it doesn’t hurt to check.

I am sure your plant will pick up once you are able to give it the attention it needs. Regular applications of seaweed extract will also help as a tonic.

Answered: 02:44PM, 10 May 2010


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