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the leaves on my daphne plant are turning yellow and falling off. I have not overwatered it. What could be the problem?

The plant is in a large ceramic pot underneath a covered in area facing north but does not get a lot of sun during summer and gets morning sun in the winter. It seems to have new growth coming out of the top leaves and on the stems but they don't seem to go much further. I was told that yellow leaves meant that I was over watering it so I have backed off on the water but the leaves are still turning yellow and falling off. I have given it some fish fertilizer mixied in water. What can I do to save it?

Submitted: 02:06PM, 25 Apr 2010
Answer: Dear Cindy,

Sorry to hear your daphne is looking so sad. Daphne does best in an east facing posiiton where it will get full morning sun but protected from the midday and afternoon sun.

Daphne requires perfect drainage, so in pots you will need to use a good quality potting mix that drains freely. Placing your pot up on feet will also help with drainage.

An application of seaweed extract every 2-4 weeks will act as a tonic and root growth stimulant.

Yellowing leaves and leaves falling off does indicate poor drainage so now that you are watering less frequently hopefully the health of your daphne will improve.

Answered: 01:29PM, 04 May 2010


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