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09:51AM, 04 Jan 2010
Answer: Dear Jeff, It would appear that your butternut ...
Category: Vegetables & Herbs
09:51AM, 04 Jan 2010
Grevillia has hard sap lumps on trunk, on the increase. Is this a problem and what should I do?

Submitted: 08:56PM, 09 Jan 2013
Answer: Hi Richard,

I am wondering if the tree has scale on it. Scale is a sap sucking insect which can be found on the stems, twigs and limbs of shrubs and trees. This is the time when the scale is young and can be successfully controlled. An indication of scale will be the presence of ants as they come after the honeydew that is produced from this sucking insect. Scale can be controlled by either using a product such as Nature’s Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray . Repeated sprays may be necessary to get this infestation under control.

Answered: 03:48PM, 11 Jan 2013


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