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08:41AM, 18 Nov 2009
Answer: Hi Jennie, with flowering annuals grown from se...
Category: Potting Plants
08:41AM, 18 Nov 2009
Carnations were planted from seed and planted out in August, as per guidelines, have lots of good growth but no sign of flowers. They have not been overfed nitrogen or anything else. Please help. Dave

Submitted: 05:22PM, 03 Mar 2010
Answer: Dear Dave,

The suggested time of flowering is about 28 weeks after planting the seed. Hopefully you will see an abundance of flowers in the next few weeks. Carnations like to grow in an open sunny position protected from the wind.

At this stage, it might be a good idea to give liquid feeds of Thrive Flower & Fruit. This product is rich in phosphorus and potassium and trace elements to encourage profic flowering.

Trust you will soon be picking those beautifully perfumed flowers.

Answered: 02:31PM, 08 Mar 2010


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