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Leaf browning and drop in potted magnolia little gem. Some hard scale-ish lumps but not extensive.

The plant is in a terracotta pot and otherwise seems pretty happy. Have noticed the leaf drop since start of summer. It gets water from rain, and I also treat it with a soluable fertiliser every 2-3 wks. Pot is fairly large for size of the tree and it gets afternoon sun. Just want to check its not going to be serious. I have another little gem planted in ground at around the same time that has no leaf drop.

Submitted: 04:29PM, 09 Jan 2011
Answer: Dear MegAN,

If it is brown scale that is on your Magnolia Little Gem you really need to treat it as it will eventually affect the health of the tree. PestOil is recommended to control scale. The tree should be sprayed while the scale is young so it is easy to get under control. Inspect the tree on a regular basis and if the scale re-appears, further spraying will be necessary.

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Answered: 04:27PM, 16 Feb 2011


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