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Viburnum 'Emerald Lustre' hedge. Sun scorched brown leaves. Can I trim the burnt leaves for appearance sake or do they need all leaves for protection? Have been told viburnums not suitable to grow in Sydney and to take them out. But they look great esp

Submitted: 08:07PM, 02 Dec 2009
Answer: Dear Anne,
You will need to give your Viburnums some protection from the hot summer months, particularly if they are growing in full sun.
There is a Yates product that can be sprayed onto the leaves which acts as a sunscreen against the damaging ultra-violet rays. It is called Droughtshield and when sprayed onto the leaves forms a protective thin polymer film on the leaf reducing transpiration for 60-90 days. Ensure any new growth is also sprayed.
Answered: 01:09PM, 10 Dec 2009


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