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06:42PM, 28 Oct 2009
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08:49AM, 29 Oct 2009
i planted four 5' tall Lilly Pillies 2 weeks ago, have watered (3 litres /day each) and added charlie carp to first watering. plants have new leaves everywhere but those midway along branches are dropping off in droves. leaves are still green, can't see

not much more to add! leaves aren't browning off at all. the species was, i think, gracillis? australis? the leaves are solid green, lighter when new, darkening slightly with age (no pink or red tips).

Submitted: 05:45PM, 02 Dec 2009
Answer: hi Deveril. These plants have suffered from lack of water and/or heat stress at some stage. A soil wetter may help penetration into the soil but it sounds like the surrounding soil is so dry that your 3 litres hasn’t been enough. If there is new growth coming then they should be ok now, some seaweed tonic will help.
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Tags: plant_care
Answered: 06:51AM, 09 Dec 2009


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